Keith Thompson teaches how to crack the genius code in new book
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Born in Shreveport, Louisiana to military parents, author Keith Reginald Thompson would soon move Seattle, Washington where he would one day discover a book in his parents garage that would transform his life forever. After reading Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind three times, Reginald would be set on a path forward to help others to overcome their life’s challenges.

The Black Wall Street Times spoke with Thompson to discuss his own new book, A Journey into Value Systems: Cracking The Genius Code.

When asked why Murphy’s book had such a profound impact on him, Thompson noted, “Dr. Joseph Murphy had expressed himself with the power of the subconscious mind and he had me believing that we have potential to accomplish whatever it is we want and I took a lot of what he was saying to heart.”

In 1981, Thompson received his certification in clinical hypnotherapy and for over 40 years, he has researched and studied effective thinking processes, the roles emotions play in people’s lives, and the ways their beliefs affect their physical realities. From research, Thompson developed a way of helping individuals understand the value systems, the higher mind, and more.

Thompson states he’s assisted people experiencing lifelong hardships and aided one particular case in curing cancer and reducing seizures for another patient. He added, “I love it. To help and serve other people is the ultimate for me. To hear someone say ‘you’ve changed my life,’ I’m not sure there’s a bigger reward than that.”

Thompson encourages people to think of themselves as more, clarifying, “when we start to claim and realize the potential of our minds, we do empower ourselves and there’s a lot of opportunity because there’s so much there.”

Reginald cites his personal growth which has in turn better enabled him to care for his own patients. “Studying the field of clinical hypnotherapy has helped me to go much deeper than I would have without and it’s given me that kind of insight to write this kind of book,” Thompson states.

Speaking about the reluctance of certain Black folks to enter and participate in therapy, Thompson added, “there is an element of pride there that says ‘I’m okay, I’ll work through this’ but having that extra ear to hear what you’re saying and providing feedback is a great benefit.”

Reginald cites television as one of the biggest mental roadblocks to mental evolution. “It’s a programming tool that has hurt Black people. It’s suppressed people. I think that in the 50s and 60s, television was horrible depicting racial aspects and for people to overcome being told that they’re second-class citizens or their income bracket will only go so far, to overcome all those negative programming becomes a challenge.”

In the newly released “A Journey into Value Systems: Cracking the Geninus Code,” author Keith Reginald writes a wrote a spiritual guide from a psychological perspective. The self-improvement guide offers a discovery workbook for professional and personal life, helping people understand and change their beliefs and values.

In the book, Reginald explains the value systems, the higher mind, the subconscious, and the conscious mind, encouraging readers to dismiss their unwanted values for a potential life of true happiness. He hopes to help turn his readers’ ideals, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts into organizing principles for their lives, allowing them to live a life defined by their highest excitements and passion.

After finding and reading Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind three times, Thompson noticed that its words had a longer-lasting impact than any book he’d read before.

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