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An avid lover of Air Max 95s, Damian Peters also knows cars like the back of his Black hand. Within a year’s time, he’s crafted his passion into purpose, delivering nostalgic 80s and 90s rides to modern audiences while also paying homage to a culture classic, Paid In Full.

The Black Wall Street Times took a moment to check out the whips and culture Peters is curating at his one-of-a-kind car shop.

Photo courtesy of Ezekiel J. Walker

Tucked away just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, this isn’t Peters hobby – it’s his life. “I’ve been a creative dude for a while in all of my businesses,” affirms Peters.

As we talked over Biggie’s Hypnotize in the background, he remembered the beginning. “I was covered in black paint,” Peters said while describing the many hours it took to achieve the interior’s aesthetic.

Photo courtesy of Ezekiel J. Walker

During Christmas 2021, while talking with his girlfriend – whom Peters credits with ClubHaus 704 as much as himself – he quickly turned his idea into reality. However, its conception wasn’t without hardship.

While in the process of building, he lost a close friend named Gary, whom a quiet room is graciously dedicated to.

Photo courtesy of Ezekiel J. Walker

“We specialize in cars for the culture, what our people love,” he stated. Peter’s level of dedication and specificity is obvious to the naked eye, but there are also so many fine details that not only would a movie lover connect with, but a car enthusiast as well.

It’s like walking through a movie.

It’s impossible to walk through the show room without thinking of your favorite scenes from the now 20-year-old film. When Ace started “moving different, thinking different,” when Mitch came home, and Rico making old boy strip naked — reliving Paid In Full through its cars is one of the best ways to connect to the culture and look fly while doing it.

Photo courtesy of Ezekiel J. Walker

A firefighter by day and creative by night, Peters is used to extinguishing flames caused by others and sees his shop as a way to do just that. “We want people to be able to come here and relax if you want at the lounge, take a load off and just be.”

Peters knows he’s got something special, “There’s nothing like this anywhere.”

“When you’re a member, you have access here.” Members can come and go as they please, have their cars worked on, relax in the lounge area and enjoy a few extra perks well worth the price of membership.

Photo courtesy of Ezekiel J. Walker

Driven by purpose over profit, Peters states he’d rather have a small client list than one which balloons solely because of popularity. With members like Dreamville artist and Charlotte’s own Lute, he’s built an impressive studio along with a who’s-who list of exclusive locals and out-of-towners.

A Charlotte native himself, Peters looks to connect to the community through his shop. “I wouldn’t mind having vendors, shoe expo’s, and similar here, connecting to the community and building each other up as we go.”

For more on ClubHaus 704, follow their journey on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Ezekiel J. Walker

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