Dr. Jabraan Pasha, a Tulsa physician known for his focus on health equity, is bringing health care to Greenwood. Dr. Pasha recently joined Juno as Vice President of Health Equity. 

Juno is an innovative healthcare organization that promotes inclusive, comprehensive medical care for individuals and families, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta – and now Tulsa.

Dr. Pasha has been at the University of Oklahoma’s School of Community Medicine for over nine years. There, he focused on the healthcare student pipeline programs, including Club SCRUBS, and MASH Camp.

He plans to continue addressing disparities in healthcare providers, most of whom are White, particularly in Oklahoma. To that end, Juno is recruiting staff from Tulsa, to be the face of Juno in Greenwood.  

While Dr. Pasha made the difficult decision to move to Juno, he values the impact OU had on him. In an interview with The Black Wall St Times, he said, “I’m a different physician now because of the mission of the School of Community Medicine, especially the focus on understanding health inequities.”

Bringing better healthcare to Greenwood

In fact, Dr. Pasha considers himself just as much of an educator as a physician. “The impact of health education is just as big as seeing patients, and at Juno I can do both,” he said.

Juno in Greenwood will provide equitable, accessible, quality care for the entire family. When the clinic is fully staffed, Juno will provide pediatric care, family medicine, a lab, and same-day urgent care services.

The goal is to offer continuity of care – given by healthcare workers who understand the needs of Black and brown consumers. Juno also hopes to partner with other diverse healthcare organizations in Tulsa.

Juno will provide consumers with not just medical support, but also social resources from the community. Dr. Pasha notes that social determinants of health play a major role in health outcomes. 

According to Dr. Pasha, “Providing local social resources is just as important as writing a prescription for a blood pressure medicine.” Juno’s health care will be led by the desires and needs of the Greenwood community in Tulsa. 

Dr. Pasha, whose mother is one of 13 children, knows that many Black and Brown people have had poor experiences with healthcare providers. “People have stories of being unheard or de-valued, of not having gotten the health care they deserved,” he said. “That’s why Juno is here.”

Juno Medical will be located next to the Greenwood Rising Museum. The goal is for the doors to open in March or April 2023. 

Erika Stone is a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Oklahoma, and a graduate assistant at Schusterman Library. A Chess Memorial Scholar, she has a B.A. in Psychology...