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Philly’s own Clint Coley is this era’s new breed of a do-it-all comedy star. At this year’s Roots Picnic, Clint dropped the mic to referee and crown new Champions at The World Series of Spades.

Photo Courtesy: Clint Coley.

The Black Wall Street Times sat down with Clint on Sunday afternoon on-site at the Roots Picnic to talk Spades, legacy, culture and CheeseSteaks.

Not only a content creator and comedian, Clint is the creative mind and producer behind The World Series of Spades – where Season 1 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

‘World Series Of Spades’ Is Rooted In Legacy

Asked when he conceived of the idea, Clint responded, “During the pandemic after my father passed — this is his legacy.”

Clint continued, “Before he passed, I told him I was going to start a Spades tournament. I did what I said I was going to do. That’s a big deal to me.”

Photo Courtesy: World Series of Spades

Outside of stand-up, Coley has written, produced, and starred in various short films under his Everybody Eats Productions banner. The First DateThe First Time, and Scratch were each accepted into the International Black Film Festival.

“This is our second year at the Roots Picnic. I’m from Philly, born and raised, and I live in Los Angeles now,” said Clint. “I created the World Series of Spades in 2020 and I’m happy my city continues to recognize a home-grown business.”

Clint explained, “I would love to see the local radio and television stations support more of our artists. A lot of us have to go to Los Angeles or New York to make it or be in a better situation and unfortunately [for a lot of us] we can’t make it here.”

His latest comedy album Tuesday Morning was released in 2021. His past album projects – I’m An Adult, Sturgis and Sensitive (#5) all charted on Billboard.

“Spades is a game that rewards intelligence,” says Clint.

“Anytime someone gets set, it feels like you’re stupid. Nobody likes to feel like they’ve been outsmarted,” said Clint. “We’ve all been there but it sharpens your skill so you don’t do it again.”

Photo Courtesy: World Series of Spades

Forever culture connected, Clint boasts, “Spades is our thing. I love the fact that we made something that people can flex and play competitively.”

Regarding the family-reunion-feel of the Roots Picnic, Clint said, “We [Black people] all grew up the same way even if we didn’t. We all understand the same codes. At the end of the day, it feels like we’re all cousins here, it’s family.”

Clint’s Top Five Places to get a Philly CheeseSteak in Philly:

  1. Max’s 2. Ishkabibble’s 3. Dalessandro’s 4. Papa Nick’s (a neighborhood fav) 5. Jim’s.

From East Oak Lane to Los Angeles, Clint affirms, “I’m happy but there’s always room to grow.”

Quoting a confidant’s dropped jewels, he recalled, “my friend said it best, there’s nothing wrong with being content but there’s something wrong with being complacent. If you’re content, that means things are good because you’ve put the work in, but if you’re complacent you don’t even see the potential in your own growth.”

Clint’s advice to anyone with an idea: “Just do it. Sit down and say to yourself, ‘okay this is what I need to do, this is how I need to do it, here’s where I want to be’ and execute.”

Photo Courtesy: World Series of Spades. (L) Tyrus Earls (R) Jaylen Miller.

Much like 2023 World Series of Spades Champions Tyrus Earls and Jaylen Miller, Clint emphasized the importance of a solid partner who can elevate the other’s performance. “I’m the face of the brand but I’m nothing without my team.”

As creator and host of the popular ‘Music Is The Love Language‘ podcast on REVOLT, Clint has remained dedicated to advancing narratives and telling stories whether on stage, in a book, or through uplifting cultural experiences like the World Series of Spades.

Catch Clint on Instagram to keep up with his latest moves.

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