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Nikki Haley has vaulted into second place in the race for the GOP nomination for President.

Haley, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina Governor, has seen her polling steadily increase in recent weeks.

Polls conducted in key early primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina indicate she is emerging as the most viable alternative to Donald Trump.

In Iowa, Haley’s numbers have increased from roughly 6% in August to 16% in October. Polls in New Hampshire show her leapfrogging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, earning 19% support in the state. Her overall polling average in New Hampshire has grown from just over 3% a month ago to 15% today.

And, in her home state of South Carolina, a new CNN poll shows Haley with 22% support. It’s her campaign’s strongest showing to date.

Haley, who served in the Trump administration, has positioned herself as a new generation of leadership and someone detached from the inner-circle of Washington, DC.

However, despite this growing momentum, Haley and others still trail far behind the former president.

Trump maintains commanding lead, but Haley shows signs of growing momentum

Trump, who currently commands roughly 60% support nationwide, remains the favorite to win the GOP nomination.

Even as he faces more than 90 criminal charges, Trump’s support remains rock solid.

Still, there remain glimmers of hope for Haley, who has managed to rise steadily in the polls while avoiding major missteps or set backs.

Haley, whose profile rose significantly after an impressive first debate performance, has some key factors working in her favor.

The former governor has a more positive image nationwide than Trump. Polling indicates that just 33% of Americans view Haley unfavorably, while 55% view Trump unfavorably.

Haley also maintains strong fundraising numbers. The most recent financial reports show her campaign receiving a higher percentage of fundraising from individual donors than most of her opponents. She is one of two candidates still in the race who haven’t gone into debt to keep their campaigns afloat.

Those who hope not to see Trump make a return to the White House are also coalescing around her.

Conservative columnist George Will authored an op-ed in early October calling on Senator Tim Scott to exit the race and endorse Haley. Will Hurd, who recently suspended his presidential campaign, did endorse the former governor after dropping out.

And as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s campaign continues to sink, Haley’s support is only growing.

With just 75 days left until the Iowa Caucuses, it remains to be seen if Haley can close the gap between her and Trump.

But 75 days is, of course, an eternity in politics.

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