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Maybe We’ll Finally Get the Gun Reform We Need If We All Keep Our Kids Home From School

The teachers have walked out demanding better pay. The students walked out demanding an end to school shootings. It’s time school parents used their collective power to demand commonsense gun laws. The current election cycle offers the perfect opportunity. 


Censoring the truth to control the narrative

There is something fundamentally wrong with the foundation of our democratic institution when media companies are more concerned with clicks than their ability to exist as free stand alone institutions. It amazes me how so many political pundits — so-called patriots of America who love, eat, breathe and sleep the Constitution — will not speak out against this apparent covert attack of the First Amendment.

A black teacher’s prayer

I pray that my students will be so lucky enough to arrive in a classroom with a culturally competent teacher who looks like them and is passionately and unapologetically black. And should they not land in a class with a teacher who does not share the same racial ancestry, my next prayer is that they will encounter a benevolent teacher who will love and celebrate them as I have done. I pray they will gain a wonderful pedagogue or role model who will tell them that the sky is the limit for them and that they can be whatever their heart so desires.