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TPS encourages families to enroll children before Aug. 21

Families who are new to the district or have moved over the summer should complete their child’s enrollment before the school year begins on Wednesday, Aug. 21. Students who will be four years old on or before Sept. 1 are eligible to enroll in pre-kindergarten, and the district still has seats available at 30 schools.


Kojo Asamoa-Caesar Resigns from GLA

My purpose in life is to serve communities where everyone can grow to their highest potential. My work as founding principal at GLA has been in service to that purpose, and I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of GLA to enable our community to continue to manifest its limitless potential. I am yielding to the guidance of a higher power to step aside, not yet fully understanding why, but certain that it is the right thing for me to do at this time, and that hindsight will once again provide validation.

Greenwood Leadership Academy, a Future of Hope

Without partnership schools like Greenwood Leadership Academy, some African American students could end up back in low performing schools that surround Greenwood Leadership Academy. These students, especially African American students, have a higher probability of landing on the infamous school-to-prison pipeline at a lower performing school. Oklahoma currently ranks at the top in the nation for incarceration.

Greenwood Leadership Academy’s Holistic Approach to Education

When you talk about transforming a narrative and changing a narrative, that is not something that you get to say and then just watch happen. It is a day by day, decisions by decision battle that you have to have internally with yourself, you have to have with the students in your classroom, and you have to have with the families that are bringing these students into our building every day.