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Tulsa Student Leaders Fill Auditorium as They Share How They are Changing Tulsa for the Better

By: Nate Morris, senior editor In a packed auditorium at the Tulsa Community College Center for Creativity, students from seven schools presented their semester-long projects to change their school and the greater […]


The Black Wall Street Times’ Book Club Contest! Your chance to win tickets to Tavis Smiley’s play, “Death of A King.”

We are excited to announce an excellent opportunity for our readers to not only win tickets to Tavis Smiley’s stage play, “Death of A King,” on February 8, 2018,  but to become more knowledgeable about the life of Dr. King, the life of King that you don’t know. As Tavis Smiley’s byline says, “The man you know, the story you don’t.”