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Black students don’t have rights 162 years after Dred Scott Case

Philly lawyer and activist, Michael Coard rightly notes in the Philadelphia Tribune, “If you don’t believe that ruling [Dred Scott] still applies as recently as 2019, consider the cases involving the following unarmed Black people murdered during the past five years by white cops who were acquitted or never even charged: Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Terrence Crutcher, Samuel DuBose, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Tony Robinson, Alton Sterling, and many others.”


Former Arab student shares experience studying in Tulsa, Okla.   

I still remember being told by my mother, two months prior to my departure to the US: “Son, if you really want to go I can’t stop you, all I ask is for you to come back home with the education you seek and alive! And you must do everything to stay alive. Don’t stay out late; don’t spend time with suspicious people and stay on your campus as much as possible.”

Powerful speakers; councilors vote yes on public hearings

“Mayor Bynum, you said: Thursday was simply a ‘PR stunt’. You think my brother being slaughtered by a killer cop is a PR stunt? You think my parents coming up here, every single week, is a PR stunt? Joshua’s family, Mrs. Harvey said, ‘You think that’s a PR stunt?’ The fact that I would fly back and forth every single month to fight for police reform — you think that was a PR stunt? I was shocked when I heard you say that.” No one could deny that the mayor seemingly felt the cut of Dr. Crutcher’s formidable, public comments.