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OPINION | By Chief Alaagba Fagbenro Amusan

Tulsa Let’s Talk!

Let’s talk about this Grocery moratorium and the so called feud incited by The Tulsa world and Jack Henderson.

1. Don’t believe the hype

2. This media imagery + Article by the Tulsa World perpetuates the stereotype of the angry black women, that is why people are describing this as if she Vanessa Hall Harper is at war with Jack when she is not the instigator. It also perpetuates the stereotype that Black People are inherently divisive.

3. As an African man, and defender of Black women (even when feminists don’t) i will say this: When a woman participates in politics, she puts her hopes and dreams for the future on the line, not her dignity and not her life. It is time to put an end to the scourge of double standards, and these passive aggressive assaults against our women in politics who are fighting against corruption, and disparities that have blocked positive growth in our communities.

4. For those who don’t understand the dollar store argument Look at what this Mayor said about Black People as it relates to dollar stores.…/oxford-mayor-dollar…/8016799/

5. Vanessa Hall Harper is not the only council person to have enough sense to reject oversaturation of dollar stores in our community.…/27/community-protests-family-dollar.h…

6. Dollar stores are a silent killer. Do the research!…/targeted-toxicity-dollar-store…/

7. Gwen Goff tried to warn us about deadly dollar store products in 2010. How many have been built since then?

8. The protest continues. Join the resistance!

9. The same people who complain about Save A Lot are the same ones embracing the building of Dollar Stores. Stop committing intellectual suicide!!!!!!! The mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!!!!

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