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Tulsa City Councilors

The City Councilors of Tulsa are getting much-needed attention from their African-American neighbors living in North Tulsa.

To The City Councilors of Tulsa:
Greeting’s city councilors of the city of Tulsa. It is with great concern and with a heavy heart I’m writing this email as I hoped after generations of disproportionate disparities that plagued our city would finally take a turn for the better. I have come to realize that North Tulsa is never going to gain the support nor concern from you as other parts of this city. It is clear through systematic structures in this city and throughout this country predominantly black communities simply aren’t worth your time and effort.
Why would a pause from allowing the development of more “discount” stores stop tax revenue from generating in north Tulsa? We certainly don’t benefit from tax revenue in this part of town now anyway’s. 95% of our goods and services we use are purchased in other districts besides District 1. Why do you care anyway? As mentioned in the first part of this email, “we” that reside in north Tulsa know beyond a doubt that you could care less about our citizenry. To not only allow the development of another discount store but to ignore the wishes of the citizens. We have said we don’t want anymore discount stores!!!! This is a painful reality that all north Tulsan’s face on daily basis, you don’t listen to us!!!
With the continued lack of infrastructure, zero marketing & promotion of this part of town to potential businesses, lack of quality development and poor schools. WE GET IT. And as soon as we get a representative that is standing for the good of the people in this community, you want to stop her. She’s not the typical “do nothing Councilor” that has held this seat in the past, and for that, I think you don’t want her to succeed. Sad.
As soon as we “blacks” attempt to stand up and do what’s best for us, you don’t want any part of it. But yet you allow the worst possible development to continue to saturate our communities with toxic goods. How about developing a Family Dollar or Dollar General on Brookside or Cherry Street, better yet put this prized establishment in the heart of the Brady District. If you love these store so much and want them to succeed, put them where they can get the most bang for their buck – where the roof tops are!
We’ve been told for years and years, north Tulsa can’t get any new development because there’s no money and not enough roof tops, well… Put these stores where the so-called roof tops are? I pay the same amount of taxes for my house to live in north Tulsa as I would for an equivalent house in south Tulsa, but yet I don’t reap the same benefits as people living in parts of town with amenities, shopping grocery stores, movie theaters, coffee shops and the list goes on and on… Please don’t give me that crime crap, we all know that’s wack!
Just take the opportunity to do the right thing once in your tenure. You know in your heart this is wrong and if your children had to live in the same conditions you wouldn’t allow it either!
Please try to do something different in this city. You’re making it very hard for people like me to stay here. The blatant oppression of north Tulsa is old and frankly an embarrassment to the country.
With greater expectations from you!

Kandy White

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