Phil Lakin, Right or Wrong Side of History

by The Black Wall Street Times
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Dear Councilor of District 8 Phil Lakin,

In 2015, you voted against having the “Brady” name changed. Tate Brady was an evil man, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and was instrumental in playing a key role in the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, if you could go back in time would your vote be the same?

Given recent decisions, by city business leaders within the Arts District has changed the name, do you feel your past vote, to continue glorifying Tate Brady, was on the right or wrong side of history?

Do you have any regrets on your vote? Please, explain in detail.

It is no secret; your district has zero dollar discount stores. Councilors imply you are friends with Rupe Halmer, the developer who will be constructing the fifteenth  dollar discount store in North Tulsa. Do you believe your acquaintance or friendship with the developer impacts your decision to vote for or against the 180-Day Moratorium? Please, explain your answer as thoroughly as possible?

There has yet to be a developer to address the council in opposition to the moratorium publicly. Moreover, not one constituent from the other districts have spoken against the Moratorium; however, more than a dozen of constituents from other districts including your district have spoken in favor of the moratorium.

At the last city council meeting, you publicly stated you would vote against any moratorium in the City despite a vast majority of citizens from Tulsa representing every racial group who are in favor of the moratorium.

As an elected official by the people, do you believe America has a broken democratic process since you have publicly demonstrated that you would vote based on your superior knowledge of the business world rather than vote the will of what the people want?

For transparency, this email has been published in the Black Wall St. Times.

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Angela Utley September 18, 2017 - 12:19 am

Who wrote this? I have a note. I doubt that he thinks the democratic process is broken. It works for him- without being held accountable for his choices/actions, he continually votes in spite of his constituents. Find someone to replace him. #notafanofLakin

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