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Opinion | Angela Graham
Tulsa, Okla. — I  teach at a school where I’m the exception in the classroom. My students are surrounded by educators, staff, administrators, and principals that look like them. The halls are lined with Black inventors, authors, artists, and leaders.
Their history and greatness are conveyed to them in daily Black history facts, in African proverbs, poems, and stories. Examples of the ‘firsts’ of African-Americans in this country portrayed in each classroom. From George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama, Oprah, and many more, my students can see themselves in the reflection of greatness around them.
I can’t understand what that means to them, to fully comprehend the healing. What I do know, is that the outcomes for my students and families are determined to be successful.
The Black educators lifting them up, loving them, demanding excellence, will not fail them.

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