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All of our lives we are told that our circumstances are the outcome of the choices we made. What if I told you that your circumstances are the results of your thoughts, feelings, intentions and speech.

We are made of energy, when you realize that and tap into it, the energy grows. Have you ever walked into a space and felt the tension or happiness around you? Of course you have. We are receptive to feel energy because it’s what we are.  How do you tap into it? It’s all around us. Energy exist in everything and its abundant in what we eat, from the people who love you, animals, plants, trees, water and even in the air. Prayer, meditation and gratitude (praise) all are ways to tap into that energy. During prayer, meditation and praise it puts you at a higher frequency. The Universe responds to your frequency. It responds to your moods, thoughts and speech. In essence, you have the power to tell the Universe what to do. Isn’t our Creator amazing?

All this time you had the power within you to create your reality. So create it! Don’t stay stuck and in pain  by what happened to you. Let go of your past and start creating your reality. When you understand exactly who you are and why you are here, you begin to see how priceless and amazing you are. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not speaking from a surface level but from a spiritual level.  We don’t often see ourselves how we truly are, which is SPIRIT. We are spirit. As Deepak says, “We are spiritual beings having human experiences.” Many of us base our lives on being humans rather than being spirit therefore we get it wrong. Remember spirit is energy, we are constantly moving and creating even when we think we aren’t. Who you are is important but what matters is who you “BE.”


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