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TULSA, Okla. — Meet Dr. Shavonda LaKay Pannell. She’s north Tulsa’s number one Chiropractor. Not only does she snap, crackle, and pop her clients back into formation, her dance team, the Prancing Pearls of Excellence, are a reflection of Dr. Pannell’s talent and dedication to seeing her community glitter and shine. Check out our interview with Dr. Pannell on her amazingly talented dance team. 

On the Prancing Pearls of Excellence



BWSTimes: What inspired you to start the Prancing Pearls of Excellence?

Dr. Pannell: I want to give young ladies an opportunity to express themselves through dance while building confidence, good sportsmanship, and character. I also want to prepare them for what college dance teams are looking for, and teach them how to be completely prepared to dance for any dance-line of their choice. 


BWSTTimes: How was it dancing for Jackson State? 

Being a part of one of the best HBCU dance lines in the SWAC was such an amazing and memorable experience. I would love for any young lady, who has a passion for dance, to be confident enough to continue to pursue their dreams through their love of dance. I always knew I wanted to give back to the community in some sort of way. What better way than to do it through something that brings me just as much joy as the joy I see it give those who truly appreciate the art of dance?

BWSTimes: How often do you compete, and how often do you travel to outside competitions, where has your team gone?

Dr. Pannell: How often we compete varies on what our schedule will allow, but we try to compete in at least 3 to 4 competitions a year.

BWSTimes: How many days, a week, does your team practice?

Dr. Pannell: My pearls practice three days out of the week on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


BWSTimes: Is it highly competitive?

Dr. Pannell: Yes! It is very competitive, and we compete against some amazing seasoned teams who have a lot of talent.

BWSTimes: Do you have any Jr. Coaches?

Dr. Pannell: Yes! Our Prancing Pearlettes are set to debut in March 2018, for ladies ages 7-11. Our three coaches are Ms. Shaniece Randle, Coach Micah (Micah Wise), and Coach J (Jorri Chatman).

BWSTimes: Do the girls tumble?

Dr. Pannell: We do have girls on the team who have tumbling experience, but they don’t personally take tumbling courses.

BWSTimes: I heard you might be moving to the Gibbs shopping center and building a dance studio, can you talk about that?

Dr. Pannell: We are in search of a location to open up our very own dance studio, and I‘m looking into The Gibbs‘s shopping center. I feel it would be exciting to bring something to the Northside of town that’s pertaining to the art of dance.


From left to right: Shaniece RandleAssistant Coach, Robert WashingtonPersonal Assistant, Dr. Shavonda LaKay Panell Founder and Head Coach, and Kendall Alexander Assistant Coach

BWSTimes: To the critics who are concerned about dancing, what do you tell them?

Dr. Pannell: There are people who criticize the southern dance style known as “bucking” but it is indeed an art and one that has influenced so many dance teams. The same way ballet, jazz, and other genres are considered an art bucking is a style in a class of its own that can only be appreciated by one with an open mind who sees the bigger picture of this form of dance. I try to keep all of our dancing age appropriate and tasteful always reminding the girls to be themselves and to express their love for dance through this art.

BWSTimes: Is there anything else you would like to tell the community about your amazing team?

Dr. Pannell: This team is made up of some of the most amazing influential motivated young ladies who are sure to go far in life. They are not only being taught how to dance but how to excel in their everyday lives. From time management to hard work these young ladies are placing themselves in a position to rise above any challenges that may come their way.


Prancing Peals of Excellence Coaches and the Prancing Pearlette – From left to right: Micah Wise, Kendall Alexader, Dr. Shavonda LaKay Panell, Shaniece Randle, and Jorri Chatman.

Check out King Spencer’s interview on the Prancing Pearls of Excellence below

YouTube video

BWSTimes: What’s next for the Prancing Pearls of Excellence? 

Dr. Pannell: The prancing pearls of excellence are preparing for the buck or die regionals in New Orleans hosted by Dianna Williams entertainment. The competition is set for January 6, 2018. We are in our fundraising month preparing for this big competition. 

Dr. Pannell and Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center 


Micah Wise danced for the Prancing Pearls and went on to dance at Langston University where she served as the Feline Team Captin for 2 years. Now, Micah works with Dr. Pannell at Eastern Oklahoma Wellness Center, and she also teaches majorette courses. Micha’s classes focus on preparing young girls for auditions – for any dance team of their choice. She also has an adult class for women who want to stay in shape with dance.


YouTube video

To make a donation for the Prancing Pearls contact Dr. Pannell at

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