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By Darnell Jones

Friday, December 15th Tulsa World article headline belittled the Greater Tulsa African-American Affairs Commission to a ‘race panel.” It’s odd that you can’t find anywhere in the Tulsa World archives articles  referring to the Greater Tulsa and Affairs Commission or the Greater Tulsa Indian Affairs Commission to a race panel. What I also found peculiar is that the title “race panel” is only on the actual printed paper but it isn’t on the online article of the Tulsa World. There is no surprise that majority of white citizens have paid subscriptions to the Tulsa World.

The Greater Tulsa African American Affairs Commission is not a panel discussion on race; it is a commission that is responsible for advising the city on policies and programs to improve social, educational, cultural and economic conditions that affect African-Americans. There is a difference.

Depicting the African-American Affairs Commission as a “race panel” is race baiting at it’s finest. Tulsa is known for its blatant racism and racist history.  You can’t help but to see it every day, especially in the comment section of all local news media pages. Here are some comments below from Fox 23 and KOTV Facebook pages.

“My Dad grew up in the Jim crow era and he was Cherokee living in Muskogee smh go forwards not backwards we all bleed red.”

“So it’s black privilege the have all the same opportunities as any one else i say if they get. We all should have one other wise it’s nothing more the special treatment and it’s discrimination.”

“I dont get it we all have the same chance you cant help ppl who dont want it so now we got to give special treatment to them dam rhe world we live in.”

“And they wonder why there is a division between blacks and whites,,,, this committee is horse shit”

“Where’s my white people commission?”

“Wow just a bunch of racist that crys when don’t go there way its there own fault.”

“Give to the United Caucasian College Fund.”

“More race-baiting BS!”

“A commission and more money will never work, they have to change their culture and get on board with the rest of the Country, and what a great Country this is !MAGA!
I’m sure they’ll find something to be dissatisfied about.”

Tulsa World should know the implications having a title like that will have. It’s disheartening that the Tulsa World would be so insensitive to Tulsa’s African-American citizens and to the Commissioners appointed to the Greater Tulsa African-American Affairs Commission. To diminish the African-American Affairs Commission to a “race panel” is insulting and disrespectful, especially during such a historical moment for Tulsa. However, it is imperative that the Commissioners hold their heads up and get ready because unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

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