Month: February 2018

Tulsa Race “Riot” Commission is causing division in Tulsa

When African-American leaders from North Tulsa echo white supremacy, it hurts the entire black community as a whole. 

Echoing white supremacy can be defined as reinforcing racist stigma or perpetuating racial falsehoods for the purpose of personal gain or out of plain ignorance. Unfortunately, this ignorance or unrighteous act is harmful for the community and the race. And the predicable, unpredictable-unforeseen damages to come will have a long-lasting impact into the future on Tulsa’s African-American community and other historic African-American towns across the nation. 

My take on the Edison High School saga

As a former employee of the district, I’ve been watching the news coverage of the ongoing saga at Edison High School with the exasperated knowledge of a weathered insider. I also began to notice the massive amount of misinformation and misconceptions about what was really taking place there from outsiders and insiders of the city’s education sphere alike.