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Courtesy of Tennis World USA 

By BWSTimes Staff  

Non-black Americans are questioning why Serena Williams, the tennis star, is drug tested nearly twice as many times as the other players. Black America already knows the answer to that question. So, let’s get straight to the point. It’s because she’s blaaaack and is beating the hell out the other non-black players.

Non-black Americans are still in bewilderment over black people’s perceivably natural ability to excel in sports.

I mean, damn! Does America have historical amnesia, or what? After all, we were forcibly made to clear the land, and we built this motha f*cker.

Additionally, we would excel in other areas if only there weren’t so many racist policies to suppress our god-given talent.

Targeted drug testing in sports is one of the few ways to discriminate against minority athletes.

But, don’t worry. The Orisas have their backs.

It’s challenging to implement racist policies into the world of sports. Seldomly do discriminatory policies pass. And the present social tensions within the NFL is a primary example of the consequential, public black-lash that awaits supremacist who are considering or starting some, bull sh-t. 

Black America’s biggest clap back to President Trump’s demands for NFL players — to stand “with hand over heart” during the national anthem or face financial penalties — is calling him a racist. And we know it hurts him because the right-wing media is delivering all of his complaints.


One’s ability to work hard is the only thing that counts in the sports world, which is why we’re seeing so many gymnasts of color arriving at the top of the podium of what remains a majority white sport. We can suspect that more minority athletes will be targeted for drug testing as more blacks enter predominantly upper-class sports.

Truthfully, there is no ethnic group physically more gifted than the other. Although we occasionally like to pretend and entertain that our group is more athletically talented than the others. But the truth is, black Americans are hungry for success in this country. They want that American Dream, and they’re willing to fight for it, with a tennis racket in hand and feet flat on the balance beam. And Serena Williams and Simone Biles can attest to that. 

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