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The BWSTimes’ editorial staff endorses Alvin Okonkwo for School Board of Education vacant District 2 seat.

Hello friends and loved ones,

I have officially applied to fill the vacancy in the Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education District 2 seat. I believe in the people of Tulsa, and I’m asking you to please come, support me!

We are approaching a point in history when we must take a critical look at our greater community and solidify our commitment toward progress.

I’ve worked in education in our city for nearly seven years. These were some of the most formative years of my life.

I grew more, and I learned more from the brilliant young faces in my classroom each day than I could have ever imagined.

I learned.

I learned joy from Majourney and Majersey.

I learned courage from Kenneth and Brydan.

I learned humility from Dejuan and Natalia.

I learned character from Aspen and Fumi. I learned kindness Xitlaly.

I’ve learned from each and every student I have had the privilege of knowing. I remember them.

I remember their hopes, their dreams, the little things that made each of them individually incredible.

I’m anticipating the day I get to watch them walk across the stage, committed to higher learning and have a plan for their ambitions.

As a Tulsan and as an active member of this community, I’ve seen the challenges faced by different communities and embraced a necessary call to equity.

It is imperative that we look at our city as a whole, as oneTulsa.

We must identify those who are being left out, and more importantly, understand why and bring those voices to the table.

My heart knows that investing in our children is an investment in the future. I’m excited about Destination Excellence, about the vision of where we can be, and about the opportunity to fight every day as a member of our Board of Education to bring that vision to reality. The commitment to each other to affect progress, make change, and foster success resonates deeply with my own convictions.

I’ll have an opportunity to speak at the next board meeting Tuesday, September 4 at 6:30.

I’m asking you to come and show support!

Please feel free to reach out with feedback and encouragement. I enjoy hearing from any and everyone.

See you then!

Best wishes,
Alvin C. Okonkwo

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