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Published 02/23/2019 

By Nehemiah D. Frank, founder & editor-in-chief 

You may think the picture above is a photograph of Black kids simply enjoying a fun day in the sun, but this is an oil painting from one of the worlds greatest and rising talents. 

This particular piece is titled, “Against All Odds” and was created by a young and world-renowned oil painter from Abuja, Nigeria. The oil painter’s name is Silas Onoja.

One can easily see that his oil paintings easily exhibit his God-given talent. 


His illustrations are comparable to yesterday’s greats, such as Michelangelo, Ludwig Deutsch, Josep Tapiró Baró, and his talent is equivalent to today’s most celebrated contemporary artist such as Kehinde Wiley, Kara Walker, and Kerry James Marshall. 

Thanks to social media and the internet, Onaja’s paintings are gaining international recognition, and he’s quickly becoming a global sensation in the art world.

One knows they are viewing a Silas Onaja painting when the water from the illustration’s oil appears as if it could be collected and tasted directly from the artwork itself. The human mind may be fooled into believing that it’s actual water they are viewing. That’s to say, the motif in how Onaja illustrates the liquid-natural element, that’s responsible for all life on planet Earth, is uniquely his, own, internationally recognized signature. 

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“I try to create life on my canvas because my environment inspires me,” Onaja said. “I want to bring hope, peace, and unity through my paintings.” 

Onaja believes that today’s society is mentally enslaved by the business life brings and hopes that when spectators see his paintings that they can see themselves in his illustrations and become free.

The young talent believes that the potential for greatness is buried within all of us. 

His hyper-realistic paintings and spirit are simply inspirational.

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