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Published 09/29/2019 | Reading Time 2 min 46 sec

By Nehemiah D. Frank

Last week I published a piece, entitled These boys were lynched, and black kids are under attack in America.” 

Today my position still stands because last week a black student was dragged by a racist 78-year-old white male school bus driver in Davis County, Utah, and it wasn’t an accident. 

John Naisbitt, the accused bus operator, should have been able to see clearly that his student-passengers were still shuffling towards the exit, to begin school at West Point Middle School, when he decidedly closed the door and began driving — notably, while students were still standing in the aisle on his bus.  

Naisbitt closed the door just as a 13-year-old black student was stepping off, timing the closing of the doors just perfectly for the student’s backpack to be caught in the door.

Naisbitt dragged the student for roughly 175 feet.

The driver was interviewed by a local reporter who asked the daunting question: “Would you say that you’re a racist?” He responded unemotionally and unapologetically saying, “Not at all. No! Look at my dog. He’s as black as could be.”

Either Naisbitt is showing symptoms of dementia, or he’s a racist, and after the statement that he gave to a local news reporter, I think the latter.

He compared a human being’s skin tone to that of his black dog.

Here’s a historical fact to consider: White supremacy has a history of comparing black people to animals; moreover, many Europeans even held the belief that people of African ancestry were less than human.

Naisbitt should be charged with child endangerment, which carries a third-degree felony, a $5,000 fine to 5-year-prison sentence in the state of Utah.

This young black life seemingly wasn’t tantamount in value enough to have Naisbitt arrested, the bus diver who willfully placed this black child’s life in danger and compared his skin color to that of a black dog. 

Furthermore, Naisbitt blamed the student-victim — alleging that the 13-year-old and his brother staged the incident, in a means to retaliate against Naisbitt’s discretion to discipline the student’s younger brother for an unrelated incident. The driver retired a few days later. Nevertheless, he should still be held accountable for child neglect and abuse of a minor. 

The state of Utah and Davis County School District failed this young black scholar by issuing fluff in following statement: “The Davis School District takes any claims of racial discrimination seriously and does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination in our schools.” 

The district awarded retribution in the meager amount of $62,500. What if this student had slipped under the wheels of the bus as his mother pointed out, was a strong possibility, in an interview? 

The issue, however, lies in the ambiguity that comes with identifying if one is racially biased or not, and white people have a difficult time identifying their own racial biases and racism.  

For example, the interviewer missed stepped by referring to students of color as ‘its’ as opposed to students of color, black or African American. But to be fair, perhaps the interviewer was a bit nervous due to being in the presence of an actual racist and known child abuser who has to this point seemingly got away with his crime.

And to remind you, Naisbitt doesn’t believe he’s a racist. 

He even purports to have black friends. This may be true, but any white person can be racist and proclaim to have black friends. Think about it, due to the history of racism in American, lots of white people narcissistically believe they are smarter than their black friends, neighbors, and allies, all while their hiring practices and who they choose to have dinner with revealing a much different story. 

Naisbitt is a racist and the system has given this old racist head immunity for his crime.

America continues failing black children, and it’s black children who are under attack with no justice; they are under violent assault academically and physically, amid all of the distractions.

There is no political will to get justice for our black children and no political will to ensure they are protected from societies racist monsters.

And that’s a damn shame.

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