Designed to Advance Women’s Health Across Oklahoma, Metriarch Collaborative Launches at Inaugural Lady Charts Data Jam

by The Black Wall Street Times


Published 10/10/2019 | Reading Time 1 min 43 sec 

TULSA, Okla. — Community advocates, nonprofit partners and government entities from across Oklahoma convened today to launch Metriarch, a data collaborative centering conversations on women’s health around human dignity, inherent value and essential security for women and their families. The launch was held at the first annual Lady Charts Data Jam, an event designed to encourage dialogue related to relevant women’s health topics and issues.

“Metriarch is the result of a realization of the significant infrastructure and data literacy barriers around publicly available data on women’s health in Oklahoma,” said Laura Bellis, Executive Director of Take Control Initiative. “We are excited to launch this crucial collaborative at the Lady Charts Data Jam, the first of many events designed to offer opportunities to experience the momentum behind advancing women’s health that is transforming Oklahoma.”

Susan Savage, CEO of Morton Comprehensive Health Solutions delivered a powerful keynote address on the status of women’s health data to help frame the events of the day. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from speakers on a range of topics, including creating data visualizations with impact, hiring nonprofit data practitioners, child and human sex trafficking, community assessments, unconscious bias in a clinical setting, marketing and data team best practices, healthy data culture, connections across health and education data, data for social good, and healthcare quality improvement successes.


 During Lady Charts, Metriarch unveiled the first-of-its-kind Data Lookbook, a report that draws national comparisons to social, structural and direct determinants of health for women across the state in an easy to understand and visually appealing format.

“It is encouraging to see community advocates from across Oklahoma convene to discuss such important topics related to women’s health and well-being,” said Kimberly Butler, Senior Program Office at George Kaiser Family Foundation. “Events like Lady Charts and the launch of the first volume of the Data Lookbook are great tools to make publicly available data easy to understand and use.”


The convening ended with the announcement of the “Data Maven of the Year” award, designed to acknowledge the increasingly vital role of behind-the-scenes figures who maximize the value of publicly available data and honor those in the data and policy world who are making a difference for women across the state. This year’s Data Maven of the Year Award was given to Melanie Poulter, Director of Innovative Data & Research at Community Service Council, because of her unrelenting work in increasing women’s health literacy in Oklahoma.

Partners of Metriarch Collaborative include statewide foundations, universities, nonprofits and government entities. To learn more about the collaborative and the 20 partner organizations involved, please visit www.metriarchok.org.

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