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Published 06/26/2020 | Reading Time 1 min 30 sec 

TULSA, Okla. – Gathering Place, Tulsa’s international award-winning park, has announced the release of their new music video, “What Kind of World” aiming to inspire children to seek a world of hope and a world of change during these challenging times. The official music video for the Tulsa Park premiered on the Gathering Place YouTube channel. 

In September 2019, Gathering Place teamed up with Park Ambassador, Ariana Reagor, the Metropolitan Baptist Choir, and Retrospec Films to produce the music video. With all the extraordinary happenings in the world, kids, the generation of tomorrow, are watching from afar and asking questions about what kind of world this will be.

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“Children are at the very center of all that we do, and we created this video to share children’s perspective as they reflect and ask questions about what’s happening in our world today,” said Tony Moore, Gathering Place Executive Director and writer and producer of “What Kind of World.” “We truly have a responsibility as adults, guardians, and parents to challenge ourselves in the roles that we play, in times like this, to ensure that there is a better world for kids regardless of their race or background.” 

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