Kevin Stitt slopes Oklahoma
Photo reported by The Lost Ogle (Feb. 15, 2021)
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While an unprecedented snow storm and renewed attention on First Lady Sarah Stitt’s reckless driving swept through Oklahoma, Gov. Kevin Stitt (R-OK) and his family fled the state for a weekend getaway. In yet another example of  how seriously Stitt takes his job, he declared a state of emergency in all 77 Oklahoma counties on Friday and was hitting the slopes on a family vacation in New Mexico on Saturday.

The Lost Ogle first reported on the Stitt’s vacation with a picture snapped by an onlooker of the family bundled up and kicked back still wearing their ski boots.

And what about those pesky self-quarantine orders? While the New Mexico Department of Health no longer requires a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine upon arrival to the state, the newest guidance published Feb. 10, 2021 states:

“1. All persons who have arrived in New Mexico from another state or from outside the United States are recommended to self-isolate or self-quarantine for a period of at least 14 days from the date of their entry into the State of New Mexico or for the duration of their presence in the State, whichever is shorter.
2. Travelers arriving in New Mexico should be tested for COVID-19 as promptly as possible following their arrival to New Mexico.”

Stitt clearly didn’t self-isolate given he just held a press conference at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Thursday, Feb. 11. Did he and his family all take COVID-19 tests upon arrival to the Land of Enchantment? That is not yet clear, but if we had to guess based on past behavior…..

This must be that famous Oklahoman personal responsibility the first governor in the country to catch COVID-19 (and after attending Trump’s Tulsa COVID rally no less) is always talking about. It begs the question, when has our governor ever been an example of personal responsibility?

While Oklahomans near and far have been scrambling to try and help our unhoused neighbors survive the deadly cold, Stitt put his office on auto-pilot.