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Incarceration and Financial Impacts of State Question 805 Projected by New Study

“We found that State Question 805 would reduce Oklahoma’s incarceration rate enough that we could close some of our oldest and most expensive prisons. That means less overcrowding for inmates, safer conditions for guards and lower costs for taxpayers,” said Trent England, Executive Vice President of OCPA.


Don’t slow down the testing; coronavirus is on the rise in Oklahoma

The Governor of Oklahoma Kevin Stitt and Mayor of Tulsa, G.T. Bynum wanted so much for Oklahoma to receive national recognition, and they were successful in doing just that! Complete disregard and disrespect for our Freedom Day Celebration, Juneteenth, indifference to the history of the Greenwood Race Massacre, encouraging large group attendance, while not practicing social distancing or wearing face coverings was front and center on our local and national news.