Attorneys for the Brown family unveil independent autopsy results. (Photo: AP)
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An independent autopsy shows that Andrew Brown, Jr. was shot five times by Pasquotank County deputies, including what a family attorney describes as a “kill shot” to the back of the head

According to the autopsy report, the first four bullets hit Brown in the left arm as he attempted to drive away. A fifth bullet then struck Brown in the back of the skull, killing him. Reports also indicate that deputies continued firing at Brown’s vehicle even after it came to a full stop.  Attorneys and community members have called the killing “an execution”.

Community demands answers

The release of the autopsy comes just one day after family members were shown only 20 seconds of footage from one body camera. The Sheriff’s department did not allow Brown’s family to see the events leading up to the incident or the body camera footage from all deputies involved.

No body camera footage has been made public despite repeated promises for transparency from local Sheriff Tommy Wooten II.

Frustration and anger has continued to mount in the week since Brown’s death. During today’s press conference, community members gathered called for the arrest of the officers involved. 

Brown’s killing latest in string of incidents of police violence nationwide

Last Wednesday, Sheriff’s deputies attempted to serve a search warrant to the 42-year old family man from Elizabeth City, NC. Brown attempted to leave, driving away from deputies when they reportedly opened fire.

The Pasquotank, Co Sheriff’s department has not produced any material evidence that Brown was armed at the time. Many of Brown’s family members say he was not a violent person and would never have even owned a gun.

Brown killing took place just two days after the conviction of Derek Chauvin.  It is the fourth officer-involved shooting to draw outrage in just the last few weeks. 

A state of emergency remains in effect for Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County in North Carolina as residents demand accountability.  Attorney Bakari Sellers responded to calls for the family of Andrew Brown, Jr to urge for peace, saying:

“If we want calm, if we want justice, that onus is not on this family. It’s on the people hiding this information.”

Shortly after the press conference, the FBI announced it is launching an investigation into Brown’s killing and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D) has called for a special prosecutor to oversee the case.

Brown’s family said they will lay their loved one to rest at noon on Monday, May 3rd.

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