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Teams of youth Changemakers from Tulsa Public Schools will present three to five-minute-long pitches about the community impact projects they’ve initiated through Tulsa Changemakers over the past semester at 5:30 p.m. on May 25 and May 26.

Topics include the environment, people without homes, police brutality, bullying, COVID-19, mental health, dogs without homes, animal welfare, and more.

Tulsa Changemakers Spring 2021 Virtual Pitch Nights will bring together Changemakers from third grade to senior year of highschool. Students from 18 schools in Tulsa Public Schools will share what they’ve learned and accomplished through the program this semester and ask the community for support moving forward.

Since January, teams of elementary, middle, and high school Changemakers have conducted listening campaigns in their communities and launched impact projects in response to their listening. 

Marshall Elementary Changemakers

One of the projects attendees of Pitch Night will learn about is the inspiring work of the Changemakers at Marshall Elementary. After listening to themselves and their community, they decided to launch an initiative in response to police brutality.

“Our project is called ‘Building Trust.’ We are creating a committee of students, police officers, and adults in our community who will meet to plan events focused on improving the relationship between police and the community,” Marshall 4th-grade Changemaker Mia Zuniga-Gonzalez explained.

“Our Changemakers topic is police brutality because we believe that black people should not be arrested for something they didn’t do or harmed. We hope that community members and the police will get to know one another so that our community can be safe and officers are helping in a way that is needed.”

Tulsa Honor Academy Middle School

Attendees will also hear from the Changemakers at Tulsa Honor Academy Middle School about their initiative to create a garden at their school.

“The Tulsa Honor Academy Middle School Changemakers are working on a project to create a garden at our school. We picked this project because we think it’ll affect our community in a beneficial way,” THA 7th-grade Changemaker Melanie Moreno explained.

“What we mean by this is that we believe creating a garden could be a little step to helping climate change, it could become a habitat for animals that will benefit our garden, and it’ll improve the agricultural environment of our school/community.”

Launched in 2016, the mission of Tulsa Changemakers is to empower promising youth leaders to drive positive impact in Tulsa right now and into the future. A link to the livestream for each day can be found on a Facebook event page for the upcoming Pitch Nights.

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Tulsa Changemakers. (Facebook photo.)

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