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Meg Thee Stallion released the music video for her new single, “Thot Shit”, last week. She blessed YouTube with subtle pop culture references, a strong feminist message, and beautiful Black independent women embracing their body agency through the art of dance.

Nevertheless, ignorant booty-hungry minds may miss the important abstract points Thee Stallion is making in her latest music video directed by Aube Perrie.

Art as a protest

“I’m convinced that the Thot Shit video is a protest of the anti-abortion legislation that was recently passed in Texas,” Sesali Bower tweeted. 

In May, Governor Greg Abbott signed a law banning abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The Texas Heartbeat Act was nicknamed as a “heartbeat bill,” and is one of the nation’s strictest abortion measures.

Typically, clinical symptoms like fatigue and nausea don’t start until after six weeks, therefore many pregnant individuals won’t know they are expecting until after the six-week mark.

Video calls out hypocritical politicians

Meg is most likely referring to the new Texas anti-abortion legislation due to the introduction of her video. You first hear the satisfying clicks of acrylics tapping computer keys and the first shot is a secretary rolling her eyes as her boss finishes up a meeting and closes his blinds. The old, White, grey-haired executive appeared to be a politician with an American flag pinned to his suit and a large flag standing behind him.

The video later reveals he’s a senator who jacks off to Meg right after his Cheetos-dusted fingers finish commenting hate on her videos. This White supremacist politician, who clearly enjoys fetishizing Black women, hires Black women yet calls them whores behind a screen like a coward with Cheetos dust on his lips. The Cheetos remind me of the color of another famous old White politician… anyway. Before he could finish unbuckling his pants to continue gazing at Thee Stallion, he got a call from familiar luscious lips.

Meg hits the viewers with her first pop culture movie nod to “Fight Club.” I pumped my fist and jumped out of my chair the moment Meg’s lips hit the screen clapping back on the sexist pig telling him how useless he would be without women.

Meg Thee Stallion: a lyrical and artistic genius

He hung up that phone like Rachel when she took that woman off the schedule. The senator shrugged, continued to jack off and left his office as if his life would go on unchanged. He was so wrong. Meg’s words came into fruition, and every women he relied on in life began to make it a living hell.

“It’s a nod to the vital role women play in everyday life and why the same men who are obsessed with our pussies need to stfu about what we can do with them,”  Sesali Bower tweeted. 

The song is also a fire tune on self-love. The ending is crazy, but the Senator got his wish. It’s poetic in a way. He was granted the right to speak on women’s body agency the only way a male politician should.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, just watch the video.

YouTube video

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