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Transformation Church gave a gift of $1 million dollars to the survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre and the community through different non-profit organizations on Sunday.

The church held its first in-person service in over 400 days Sunday afternoon across from Greenwood Cultural Center.

Mother Fletcher, Mother Randle, and Brother Hughes Van Ellis each received a check for $200,000.  Moreover, The Greenwood Cultural Center, Oasis Fresh Market, and OneRace Movement each received a check for $100,000. Build for Tulsa and The Terrence Crutcher Foundation both received a check for $50,000.

Juneteenth weekend ends with gifts to Massacre survivors

“I want to get in a humble position, and say ‘thank you’. For living a life that survived the devastation. Thank you for appearing before Congress, thank you for standing up. Because of you, this is able to happen,” Pastor Mike Todd said to the three remaining survivors as he was on his knees.

Sunday afternoon was the culmination of the nation’s largest Juneteenth celebrations according to its organizers. The weekend’s events attracted over 53,000 visitors from all across the country.

“It was good to see so many people from not just Tulsa, but there were people from all across the country: from California, St. Louis, Atlanta. And we had several family reunions come to Tulsa to celebrate this historic event,” Pastor Jamaal Dyer, an event organizer, said.

A legacy of giving

Meanwhile, Transformation Church isn’t new to giving generous gifts to the Tulsa community.

In December of 2020 the church bought out the entire inventory of Silhouette Sneakers & Art and donated the shoes to a local boys’ home in time for Christmas. Senior Pastor Mike Todd said, “this is a double-blessing because [Venita’s] business got blessed, but then all of these shoes are going to bless other people.”

In March of 2021 while students across the state were returning to class from the pandemic, Transformation church gifted the seniors of McLain High School, as well as the teachers and staff, a brand new Apple MacBook. “We were BLOWN AWAY today by the incredible generosity of Transformation Church! Pastor Todd spoke to the Class of 2021 about finding their purpose, and to help them to chase after that, the churh gave every single senior was given a brand new MacBook laptop! He told them he hopes they turn that into a music studio, or a business, or the book that is living inside of them, or to use it to continue their education,” said McLain principal Renee Rabovsky.

Gift to descendant

“I looked up ‘what is the median price of a house in Tulsa’ and $200,000 was the number that came up. So on behalf of Transformation Church, God, and Transformation Nation each one of you is getting a check for $200,000” Mike Todd told the three survivors.

As he was closing, Pastor Mike Todd met Mother Randle’s granddaughter and gifted her with $100,000 as well. It was in recognition of the fact that the devastation that took place 100 years ago not only impacted those living at the time, but also their descendants and legacies.

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