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UPDATE: The family of Toyin Amuda released this statement Wednesday since he drowned in a swimming pool last week;

“What we’re experiencing is every parent’s and every family’s worst nightmare,” the Amuda family’s statement began. “We ask for space to grieve as we work to understand what happened to our beloved Toyin. We hope that those who have information about the events surrounding Toyin’s death, even if you feel it’s an unimportant detail, that you will choose to step up and speak out. Please honor our son by contacting the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department with what you know, so they can continue their investigation. We will never fully heal from this tragic loss, but we also know that we won’t be able to move forward without the truth. We are grateful for all of the prayers we are receiving for our family during this unimaginably difficult time. In return, we pray that no one ever has to experience what we’re going through.”

EDMOND, Okla. – On Thursday the Medical Examiner’s Office officially changed the cause of death for 18-year-old Toyin Amuda from an accident to “pending”. Authorities told KOCO 5 that they were aware of social media threads that claim someone pushed Amuda in the pool and left.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said the investigation into Amuda’s death is still ongoing.

According to reports, last Wednesday there was a pool party at the house where Amuda’s body was found unresponsive in the pool. The owner of the home is a former law enforcement officer. “Around 2:30am deputies were called to a home off Villaggio Drive regarding a drowning,” said Aaron Brilbeck, an Oklahoma County Sheriff representative.

Homeowner denies knowing alcohol was present

Sheriff deputies said empty beer cans, liquor bottles, and possibly marijuana were found near the pool.

“The homeowner tells us his daughter came upstairs around 2:00 in the morning and said that there was somebody in the bottom of the pool,” Brilbeck said. “By the time the homeowner got to where the pool area was, other people had pulled Amuda from the pool and the homeowner began CPR and called 911.”

“The homeowner was asked whether he was aware if any alcohol was being served, he said he did not know if it was being served,” said Brilbeck. The homeowner was identified on social media as allegedly being Brad Rouse, a former Logan County Sheriff’s deputy.

Investigation calls into question foul play

Amuda was a recent graduate of Deer Creek High School. He was a beloved member of the football team as well as homecoming king.

According to the social media posts online, Amuda was the only Black student invited to the pool party at the multi-million dollar home. There’s speculation around whether the homeowner provided alcohol to the students, or at least knew alcohol was being served. The fear is that Amuda was pushed into the pool and could not swim.

The Black Wall Street Times’ attempt to reach out to the Amuda family for comment was unsuccessful as the investigation is still ongoing. 

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