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In case you’ve been off of social media over the last week, let me fill you in on the new viral challenge taking over the internet.

The Milk Crate Challenge popped up at a time when tensions in our country remain at an all-time high. Between pleas for people to get vaccinated and the chaos happening in Afghanistan, our country has had a stressful past few weeks.

The #MilkCrateChallenge has helped distract people, even if for a brief moment, and bring temporary happiness and laughter to viewers. It’s also brought deep concern for those doing the challenge.

I’m not sure who made up the challenge or where it first originated, but last week videos started popping up of Black people trying to walk up and down a mountain of milk crates without using their hands. The videos were accompanied by the hashtag #HoodOlympics. It was another example of Black creativity going viral, just like most of the popular TikTok dances, the hit Verzuz series on Instagram, and many other viral trends in pop culture.

black crate challenge

Challenge brings joy to social media

But I do have one question: Where did all these milk crates come from??? Some have suspected the FBI dropped them off in different neighborhoods to distract from what’s going on in the world. We can neither confirm nor deny, all I know is that I have never seen that many milk crates together in one spot before in my life.

Now I won’t lie, it’s hard to watch some of these videos of people doing the Milk Crate Challenge. Pretty much every person that tries to do the challenge falls, and HARD! 

The crowds are growing bigger and bigger surrounding each person that attempts to do the challenge. Bets are being placed on whether or not someone will complete it. But all in all the challenge is good-hearted fun that is bringing laughter to the internet. 

There have been a few people who have completed the challenge successfully, much to everyone’s surprise.

We don’t personally recommend you try the challenge yourself. Instead, search Twitter for plenty of videos of the latest viral challenge and share in Black creativity.

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  1. this is fucken stupid. and to call it “black creativity” is fucken stupid also. I swear to God, anything black people do y’all jump on like it’s the most unique invention since sliced bread. y’all act like blacks are as endangered and rare as a white rhino. grow ????the ???? fuck ???? up ???? dumb ass liberals

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