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Lawmakers on Thursday night narrowly avoided what these days feels like an annual government shutdown. With the United States set to run out of money by the middle of October, Washington was forced to act. Congress passed and the president signed a short-term, continuing resolution to keep the government funded through December 22nd.

Inside the beltway, the shutdown thread threw much of President Biden’s agenda into uncertainty. But many Americans who have faced financial hardship all throughout the pandemic had little sympathy, and they made it known.

When CNN posted an article to Twitter on Tuesday with the caption “US government will run out of money by October 18”, the internet did its thing.

Americans read the US Government for filth via Tweet

“Has anyone tried giving them $1,400 and telling them it should last 10 weeks?” quipped comedian Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea Handler tweet

Thousands of people, it seems, felt similarly and didn’t hesitate to remind the government that it had no issue with only providing $3200 in stimulus checks over the entire pandemic.

Other users, like @WrittenByHannah, are looking forward to the largest clearance sale in American history.

Shutdown college debt tweet

“What y’all gettin at their everything must go sale?” the user asked their followers. “Imma get the Declaration of Independence.”

A few, like @daritheprince, tried bargaining. Dari Tweeted at President Biden directly, saying “I got $100 for y’all if you clear all me student loans right now @POTUS”.  It was not immediately clear whether the offer worked.

Some fans of the #1 Netflix show Squid Game, where “hundreds of desperate, debt-laden contestants compete for a huge jackpot”, chimed in. “Time to pay off that debt,” wrote one of the many users who tweeted an image from the show.

govt credit shutdown tweet

Several folx were quick to express their incredulity about how a government that can’t manage its own money is telling them what do with theirs.

@GYoungxL took the opportunity to ask feds “But y’all got the nerve to check MY credit?”, while @NisanJoseph said “Not America living paycheck to paycheck.”

And, of course, with Spooky Season officially upon the nation, a Halloween shutdown reference was required.  Thankfully @LuciaEverblack had it covered, tweeting out a picture of the US Capitol converted into a Spirit Halloween costume store.

Government spirit halloween tweet

As centrist and progressive Democrats fight amongst each other, while Republicans (who passed tax breaks for the rich that added $1.9 Trillion to the deficit) pretend to care about spending, Americans can rest easy.

Even amid deep political division, we can all still find common ground in trolling our government on Twitter.

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