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Tulsa's Kode Ransom
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Kode Ransom is making Oklahoma proud. According to The Oklahoma Eagle newspaper, the Tulsa native has been nominated by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) for his spoken-word recording of an original piece entitled “Oklahoma Made.”

Mr. Ransom created “Oklahoma Made” for his forthcoming compilation record, “1921…The Black Wall Street Music Project.” The album, which includes mixed-media music, reflects his roots in Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District, home to the original Black Wall Street.

According to Mr. Ransom, “Greenwood is a soul. Greenwood is an action. Building is in my blood. It took a long time for me to really open myself up to the possibility of being a leader in the resurgence this third time. The legacy didn’t burn in the fire or get destroyed with Urban Renewal, it just needed to be awakened in us. We see now.”

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Tulsa Juneteenth Festival 2021. Photo by Chris Creese / The Black Wall Street Times

“Oklahoma Made”

He is also thrilled by the Hollywood music in media nomination, which is his first. He continued, “It’s an honor to be nominated for such an award coming from where I’m from. It feels even more amazing because I got to mention some greats from my state. People get to see that the talent in Oklahoma has a long history and an even brighter future.”

“Oklahoma Made” is a unique piece, one that includes many names of those who make up Oklahoma’s history. Mr. Ransom is focused on telling the stories of people from marginalized communities in Oklahoma. 

Moreover, Mr. Ransom is focused on the future, including the release of his unique album of his combination of music and poetry. 1921…The Black Wall Street Music Project will drop during Black History Month in February 2022. 

The Oklahoma Eagle was the first to report on Mr. Ransom’s nomination for Hollywood Music in Media Awards. 

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