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With the Tulsa Public School board district 7 seat open, one candidate hopes to charm voters with his extreme right-wing beliefs. Former District Attorney Tim Harris is running for the spot with a platform filled with hateful rhetoric. 

Linking Hillary Clinton with Saul Alinsky and anti-capitalism sentiment, Mr. Harris appeared disgusted with a book that included gay marriage. “Those kinds of topics are not appropriate,” he stated plainly in a message to voters. 

He continued by referring to the innocent victims of law enforcement shootings, saying, “they call it ‘police brutality’ and it’s not appropriate to teach to fifth graders.” Meanwhile, of the over 100 young people killed by police violence since 2015, 23 were under 15-years-old. Tamir Rice was just 12-years-old when he was killed by a police officer; Adam Toledo was 13. 

Candidate wants personal beliefs to shape school curriculum

While Mr. Harris concerns himself with socialism and gay marriage, he also takes issue with Critical Race Theory in Tulsa Public Schools. Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is not part of TPS curriculum, and Mr. Harris, who is White, wants to keep it that way. 

Mr. Harris is also an emphatic proponent of Christianity, noting that “what we believe is the word of God,” without making mention of who he means by “we.” He followed by stating that “Church and parents are afraid of talking about hot-button issues.”

“I’ve been praying about this,” he continued, at a public forum for school board candidates, discussing TPS’ K-12 curriculum, conveniently ignoring the separation of church and state in public institutions that accept federal dollars, such as TPS. He finished his diatribe with “God bless each and every one of you,” erroneously assuming every participant and viewer is Christian. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Harris is not without his supporters. He has at least one endorsement from the Tulsa Beacon, a reliably conservative journal with an evangelical Christian slant. 

The Tulsa Public School district school board primary election is on February 8. 

Erika Stone is a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Oklahoma, and a graduate assistant at Schusterman Library. A Chess Memorial Scholar, she has a B.A. in Psychology...

5 replies on “School board candidate lashes out at LGBTQ books, Critical Race Theory”

  1. He is heeding the call from radio provocateur, Marc Levin, and other MAGA media outlets to run for school board and take them over. Their real goal is anti-teacher because the Teachers Union supports enlightened political policies. Can’t have that so they make up complete falsehoods about our teaching that “white people are inherently racist” and that we are recruiting and training your children to be homosexual. Also that there is a movement called “Transgenderism” that is out to destroy the nuclear family by letting boys get into the girls locker room or urging girls to change their sex. All lies but really aimed at destroying the teachers and destroying the teaching of history and critical thinking. There is no greater enemy to MAGA thought than history and young folks learning critical thinking. I am a two decade serving school district Trustee. We do not teach and never have taught CRT, its called history. We protect all children from the anti-human hatred and violence of the right, There is “Transgenderism” movement out to mutilate you children. Its all scare tactics. This fellow is no Christian. Jesus did not teach any type of hatred and fear like he is spreading. Why is he an ex-DA?


      It’s people like you that must lose in the fight for education if America is to remain great. Make no mistake, this is a mortal fight for the soul of our country. People like you are cancers to our children.

    2. TPS has never been worse in a mess than it currently is. Send the liberals far away. Do the same in November to stop democrats from further destroying this country.

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