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Comedian Dave Chappelle is trending again. And no it’s not because of a comedy special this time. A video of Chappelle speaking at a Village Council meeting on Feb 7 is going viral because the comedian threatened to “take it all off the table,” referencing his investments in the city of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The proposal in question was a plan from developer Oberer Homes where they would build 64 single-family homes, 52 duplexes, and 24 townhomes. Also, an additional 1.75 acres would be donated to the community for affordable housing to be built later.

After the council meeting on Monday, the vote was deadlocked on the new proposal, so the zoning allegedly reverted back to what was previously approved: 143 single-family homes starting at about $300,000.

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Town torn over decision as Chappelle threatens to divest

Chappelle threatened to pull his business interests from the village, which included a plan for a restaurant called “Firehouse Eatery” and a comedy club called “Live from YS.”

“I am not bluffing,” Chappelle said. “I will take it all off the table.”

“I don’t know why the village council would be afraid of litigation from a $24 million a year company while it kicks out a $65 million a year company. I cannot believe you would make me audition for you. You look like clowns.”

With the video of Chappelle’s objection going viral, users replied with comments saying this is another example of the rich keeping out the poor.

Some residents support Dave Chappelle

A majority of those that showed up to the council meeting Monday were opposed to the new proposal, citing poor planning and an incomplete evaluation. 

One resident suggested that Chappelle’s opposition comes from the fact that they proposed the building in his backyard and invading his privacy by taking pictures of his home and using it as a selling point.

Dave Chappelle has yet to comment on the fallout of the situation. We might have to wait for his next Netflix special to hear his side of the story, but until then, the internet is dragging him.

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