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If you’ve been anywhere on the internet over the last two weeks, you’ve been way more involved in a public divorce than any onlooker needs to be. Kanye West has long vowed to be a present Black father in his four children’s lives, something that he himself did not have, but his actions lately have brought the public into a situation where no outside input is needed.

A message to Ye: Please take your marital issues and hope for reconciliation off of the internet and handle it privately.

I’m never one to wish divorce or anything like that upon anyone. As a child of two parents who were never married to each other, and having to do the whole back and forth thing growing up, I know firsthand how stressful that can be on a family. Divorce impacts the entire family, not just the spouses, and in my opinion impacts the children the most. So I 100% understand Kanye’s desire to want to be present as much as possible in his children’s life.

The way he’s going about it, simply put, just ain’t it.

Kanye’s public marital issues cause more harm than good

Ever since Kim filed for divorce last February, Kanye has publicly stated how he wants to “fix” his family and believed that “God would bring Kimye together.” He’s said “millions of families would be influenced to see that they can overcome the work of the separation.”

For the most part, I feel like it was admirable for someone to admit they “did things that were not acceptable as a husband” and wanted to correct their wrongs. 

Yet, things went downhill from there, quickly.

Even though Kanye had an entire public relationship with Julia Fox, he still chose to go after Kim and her new relationship with Pete Davidson. 

Making lyrics about “beating [Pete’s] ass”, posting texts allegedly from Pete, even photoshopping his and Pete’s image over a Marvel: Civil War image, the antics have gone too far for an adult looking to repair a relationship.


Kanye should keep his business out of public eye

It’s gotten so bad that the person he is trying to win back following a divorce had to be the bigger person to tell him that his actions are creating a “dangerous and scary environment.” 

Think about that for a second. The person that you are trying to win back after admitting that you did things that were not acceptable, has to tell YOU that you are creating a dangerous and scary environment. And that’s the mother of your four children. 

For some reason, Kanye feels this is acceptable and almost wears his behavior like a badge of honor.


It’s reached a point that many on the internet are pointing out the fact that his behavior is bordering on harassment and setting up the potential for something more.

However this situation ends, let’s hope it’s amicably and happens off the internet, out of the public eye.

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