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Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ tried and true strategy of out-Trumping Trump may lead him to the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination. Yet, there’s just one man standing in his way–Trump.

Reading directly from 45’s playbook, not only does DeSantis embrace the former Commander-In-Chief’s ideology, but he looks to further the insane, racist, and ill-advised policies and rhetoric of one of the worst Presidents of all time.

Even still, the red-meat GOP base has propelled DeSantis into the national conversation to potentially rival Trump for the nomination. How did DeSantis achieve such prominence? By copying the original.

In a recent CNN poll, the Florida Gov. is the only possible Trump-alternative candidate who netted more than 20% approval from respondents. Yet, another Florida GOP poll still has Trump beating DeSantis if the two should meet.

CNN Poll

The race to the bottom is getting crowded.

Far be it for policymakers to actually discuss policy. Today’s GOP cuck “leaders” like DeSantis largely spend their time validating Trump’s culture war issues and right-wing fears. In December DeSantis called critical race theory “state-sanctioned racism” and termed related training “indoctrination.” Nearly a year before, Trump criticized teaching slavery origins in America as “twisted” and a form of brainwashing.

Ron DeSantis is just DJ’ing Trump’s playlist

CRT is not taught in public schools. It’s a master’s degree level college course. However, the GOP consistently pushes a narrative promoting ignorance and intolerance to its salivating and emaciated voters.

Trump’s January 6th coup attempt gave them a taste of their revolution. Now, DeSantis wants to see it through.

In keeping with Trump’s bogus claim of election malfeasance, DeSantis too is asking law enforcement to root out “election fraud.”

He too claims the”Big Lie” of 2020s presidential election was actually stolen. It was not.

When speaking of famous podcaster Joe Rogan’s recent clip of his use of the n-word, Trump criticized Rogan for apologizing and DeSantis–not to be outdone–said Rogan had nothing to apologize for.

Recently, DeSantis submitted a new contentious Republican-leaning Florida congressional map that includes the controversial elimination of a majority Black district in the north of the state. Remember when President Trump sharpied a map while Hurricane Dorian was looming? Ron DeSantis wants to be that guy.

The GOP just learned “Woke” in 2020. And it’s already played out.

Another policy, the “STOP W.O.K.E Act,” otherwise known as the “Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Act” is getting the attention of not only conservatives, but DeSantis’ colleagues. “What is happening is our governor is competing with the governor of Texas over who will be the heir apparent to Donald Trump,” Florida House Democratic Whip Ramon Alexander told the Washington Post.


Earlier this month, DeSantis pushed back against calls to denounce a neo-Nazi protest in Orlando, much like Trump’s divisive “both sides” remark following the 2017 white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

DeSantis regurgitates and baby bird feeds GOP voters whatever Trump says. Meanwhile, the country devolves somewhere between a pre-Civil War and post-coup as Biden’s Administration watches from the sideline.

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    1. Hell No, he shouldn’t even be governor! Ron DeSantis’ attempts to ban critical race theory in Florida moved forward on Tuesday as an education panel gave first approval to a bill that would prohibit schools and private businesses from making people feel “guilt” about the country’s racist past…he’s showing us who he is, so believe him

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