RT: Russia propaganda news outlet shuts down in the US, fires staff
Black people in Ukraine flee the country amidst the Russian attack and amidst reports of racist treatment at the Poland border. (Associated Press)
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RT America, Putin’s main Russia propaganda network in the United States, has effectively shut down as of this week.

In a memo sent out to RT staff Thursday, executive Misha Solodovnikov said the network was “ceasing production”.

Solodovnikov said “we anticipate this layoff will be permanent, meaning that this will result in the permanent separation from employment of most T&R employees at all locations.”

Those unforeseen interruptions are, undoubtedly, the result of massive global backlash against the Russian Federation.

As the world reacts in horror to Russia’s brutal onslaught in Ukraine, governments and corporations alike have shunned the world’s largest nation.

DirecTV and Roku, both main carriers of the RT network in the states, banned the channel from their platforms.

Roku has banned the channel from its platform across Europe as well.

News of the layoffs come as Russia continues to claim its attack on Ukraine is an effort to “denazify” the country and liberate its people. Meanwhile, Ukrainian civilians and immigrants, including African and Indian college students, are desperately fleeing the country.

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Russians feeling massive economic impact of global sanctions amid Ukraine invasion

These moves come as a result of swift and staggering sanctions placed on Russia from NATO nations.
The financial unprecedented strangleholds have sent Russia’s economy into a tail spin. The Ruble (Russia’s main form of currency) has seen its value nearly cut in half in the last ten days. It now sits at its lowest valuation in more than a generation.
All of this is causing sudden and massive inflation across Russia, with citizens rushing to banks to withdraw cash.
With Putin’s main form of media influence cut off in much of the Western world, his regime is becoming increasingly isolated.
In an anonymous interview with CNN, one RT America host called the news of the station’s shutdown “heartbreaking”.

“I have never felt more heartbroken as they have nothing to do with this conflict and seriously were just trying to make a decent living to provide for their families,” the host said.

RT News has, of course, repeatedly justified the attack on Ukraine on its airwaves.

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  1. Just another excuse to stop the free speech of those giving other views besides the US criminal government narrative. Free speech is free speech is free speech. It’s a slippery slope. Maybe they’ll join Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison if they continue to tell the truth about what the US Empire is doing around the globe. Stay with the government’s narrative or be persecuted. Whatever happened to, “I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”? And what happened to THE FIRST AMENDMENT?!

  2. Chris Hedges had a show on RT, as well as Lee Camp, who said he’s never been censored by RT, including when he spoke out against Russia going into Ukraine. These men are against war in all forms, no matter who the perpetrators are. Anyone who doesn’t see the hypocrisy of the US claiming moral authority in the “invading nations” department is dangerously blind.

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