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A Charlotte pastor is turning heads nationwide after he spent the last weekend gifting $10,000 worth of free gas to the North Carolina community.

Kingdom City Church held a “Gas on God” event where they gave $10,000 worth of gas back to the community, as well as grocery gift cards, and drive-up prayer for those in need.

“Jesus did not just minister to people spiritually but he fed them naturally. Right now, the food is gas. So we’re doing everything we can to be a blessing to the community,” said Pastor Brian Carn, Jr.

With gas prices nationwide approaching the all-time high last week, the impact was felt at the pump for many Americans. Gas prices continue to soar as post-pandemic inflation and effects of Russia’s attack on Ukraine after the Biden administration vowed to stop importing oil from Russia.

Pastor Gifts $10,000 worth of free gas

Pastor Carn said it’s imperative for the church to give back to the community with things we can easily take for granted.

“We got to get out here. People are hurting. People have situations. One man literally pushed his car up here, was out of gas. Another lady came and said I don’t need gas but I need prayer,” said Carn.

“At the end of the day, it’s a blessing to be a blessing to God’s people,” Carn said.

Kingdom City Church provided free gas to more than 300 drivers during their “Gas on God” event.

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