Black Birders Week looks to attract more Black nature lovers
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Black birdwatchers are looking to unite through #BlackBirdersWeek, a week-long series of online events to highlight Black nature enthusiasts and to increase the visibility of Black birders.

The BlackAFinSTEM Collective will present the weeklong celebration. BlackAFinSTEM seeks to support, uplift, and amplify Black STEM professionals in natural resources and the environment through professional development, career connection, and community engagement.

According to Twitter and Instagram (@BlackAFinSTEM), the online events aim to “celebrate and highlight birding as a lifelong learning journey that is enjoyed by Black cultures across the diaspora.”

Its third annual theme of “Soaring to Greater Heights” will run Sunday May 29th-Saturday June 4th, 2022.

Black Birders Week has you fully covered.

Here’s a rundown on what to expect during the week:

Sunday May 29th:  #BlackInNature

The annual #BlackInNature Networking Event. Introduce yourself and meet other Black birders, outdoor lovers, and naturalists.

Monday May 30th: #LeavingTheNest
Monday’s events are about getting started in birding and asking questions to those who are already involved in the space.

Tuesday May 31st #LearningToTakeFlight
Tuesday’s events feature activities surrounding the discussion of birding identity, becoming a birder and connecting with other Black folks interested in birdwatching.

Wednesday June 1st: #DayOfRoost
Did you know that birds choose where, when, and how to roost carefully? Today’s theme is about mental health, prioritizing self-care, and choosing when to rest.

Thursday June 2nd: #FlyingTheCoop
Thursday’s theme is about change. “Flying The Coop” is about taking the leap after your passion and overcoming challenges in your way.

Friday June 3rd: #AsTheCrowFlies
This idiom refers to a path or direction. On Friday June 3rd join for a discussion on the paths paved and relationships different cultures across the diaspora have with birds and how that shapes one’s birding journey.

Saturday June 4th: #LifeLongJourney
On Saturday they’ll review the lifelong journey that is birding and the various activities and intergenerational learning you can share among yourself, family, and friends of all ages.

Check out as they update official events for Black birders and materials in the days leading up to the week.

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  1. I think you’ll find that there’s a lot of white birders that would like to see more diversity in the birding world and you’ll find that most birders you run into will be anxious to talk about the birds of the day. I think this is a great idea!

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