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Black Wall Street’s Artist of the Year, Omaley B

When attending an Omaley B. concert, one finds their-self traveling nearly a century backward to an age of absolute resilience, self-determination, Black unity, and brilliance.

Once Omaley takes them their,

Sounds of rhythm and blues permeate the air as his once-in-a-century, unique voice kindles their hearts and ears with the nostalgic phantasms of a formidable and awe-inspiring past-legacy. A real history lesson on the greatness and excellence of Black Wall Street is rendered. 

This Professor’s Rant Against Social Justice Education Just Shows Why It’s So Needed

Recently, political science professor J. Martin Rochester penned a critical response to a front-page story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch entitled “St. Louis Teachers Turn Their Classrooms Into Hubs of Social Justice.” Unfortunately, his response reveals that he may have forgotten to actually read past the headline of the article.