J.R. Smith wins Academic Athlete of the Year with 4.0 GPA

by Mike Creef, Staff Writer
J.R. Smith wins Academic Athlete of the Year with 4.0 GPA
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North Carolina A&T’s J.R. Smith was named the Academic Athlete of the Year earning a 4.0 during his freshman year at the HBCU.

“If I’m being honest at all, I was terrified to go back to school…Literally, these assignments still make my head sweat. Overcoming these fears of being vulnerable and open about my disability has given me real power! Power no one will ever take from me!,” the former NBA champion tweeted.

J.R. Smith has documented his experiences attending college for the first time, since the former NBA player skipped college after high school to go professional. 

J.R. Smith, Academic Athlete of the Year

Stars from across the NBA and sports world showed their support congratulating the NCAA athlete on his accomplishment.

Smith has long been the butt of many jokes during his NBA career for plays that sometimes were a head-scratcher, and the internet would explode with memes. NBA sixth man of the year GOAT Lou Williams wanted to make sure the internet exploded with Smith’s accomplishments as much as it did with his blunders.

The Academic Athlete of the Year is making waves big enough for others to follow and eventually ride themselves.

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