Marquis Martin was killed 2 years ago and his family still doesn't know why
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Marquis Martin, 26, was missing for nearly one month before he was found shot dead in a creek outside of Wilmar, Arkansas, on March 7, 2020. Yet, his killer remains free.

Marquis’ murder remains a mystery.

Lakisha Arrington, Martin’s mother, struggles to know that Marquis’ killer is still on the loose. Yet her solace remains in the outpouring of love for her son.

My Arklamiss reports many family members and friends once left notes and keepsakes near the sight of where he was found.

“When I come and see this it makes me feel good,” Arrington said. ” It lets me know that he put out of love and this is a way that they’re showing love by coming out here and still leaving him stuff. It lets me know they’re ten toes down for him and they support him.”

Drew County Sheriff, Mark Gober, says investigators along with the Arkansas State Police have interviewed about 45 people in recent months, which he says is three times more than normal for a typical homicide.

“We’re trying to put the pieces together,” he said. “Unfortunately his body was missing for over a month and we have no crime scene and no witnesses at this time that have come forward.”

Drew County Sherriff’s Office has been accused of engaging in foul play.

There have been many rumors circulating on social media regarding Martin’s death. According to an official autopsy report obtained by KTVE, the only injury he sustained was a gunshot wound to his head.

“I’ve heard every last one of these stories. I have text messages from apps saying these things happened to my son,” Arrington said. “I’m very uncomfortable with it. It’s a feeling that I can’t even describe.”

There are also rumors that Sheriff Gober’s son was involved in Martin’s murder which he says are unfounded.

Sheriff Gober responded, “I know where it came from and that was a fellow employee and a fellow political candidate that ran against me. Our names would have never came up had someone not put this information out there and if he knew something he should come forward with something,” he said in part.

2 years later, the Sherriff’s Office still has no answers.

“The fact that a person disappears and doesn’t show up until a month later that’s the big issue right there and not having a crime scene. That crime scene is where your evidence is going to be at,” he said. “We strive forward to come up with some information and this case isn’t closed. We don’t call it a closed case.”

While the Sherriff’s Office has no answers for a grieving mother, she’s left to wonder if their intentions are pure or nefarious in nature. “I’m heartbroken,”  Arrington said. “I don’t know who to trust.”

Investigators have picked up several videos from surveillance cameras across Monticello but nothing has led to any arrests being made.

Read the full story at My Arklamis and the latest update at KATV.

A petition is also seeking the removal of Sheriff Mark Gober.

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