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According to KTUL,  Oasis is the first grocery store in Tulsa to launch the Double Up Oklahoma Program, which makes it more affordable to buy fresh fruits and foods.

While a federal program has not yet been established, programs like Double Up are meeting an immediate need for Oklahoma families.

Democratic Senator, Corey Booker of New Jersey, recently chastised a Biden official over the food desert crisis that has devastated communities of color particularly hard, including Tulsa.

north tulsa oasis fresh market
Crowd cheers at the grand opening of Oasis Fresh Market in Tulsa. (Nate Morris / The Black Wall Street Times)

What’s in the ‘Double Up’ Program?

“The Double Up program matches snap purchases up to $20 a day, with the benefit that’s only good for fresh produce,” said Chris Bernard, executive director of Hunger Free Oklahoma. “So what it does is it incentivizes healthy choices, it helps stretch family’s dollars, longer or farther, which especially at a time of inflation is really important.”

History is being made at Oasis Fresh Market

“To launch the Double Up program as the first grocery store in Tulsa, but first Black owned grocery store in the state, man that’s game-changing for us,” said A.J. Johnson, owner of Oasis Fresh Market. “And really, it’s about serving people and serving them well. And to be able to offer fresh produce and fresh vegetables for our community and communities alike in our future expansion.”

According to KTUL, it’s also a goal for those in other communities. Governor Stitt and lawmakers are pushing for an end to the grocery sales tax in Oklahoma, though OK Policy has suggested the administration should instead expand the Sales Tax Relief Credit to assist low-income families.

Oasis is just that for the community.

At Oasis, they say whether that happens or not they’ll be there to lift the health and wealth of Tulsa and the surrounding community.

“We’re going to continue to do what we do best and that’s find ways to serve people and whatever happens with the law, we will still do our best to bridge the gap because that’s what Oasis is about is bridging the gap with our for-profit grocery store and our nonprofit services,” said Johnson.

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