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Seventy-year-old police victim Ladonna Paris speaks out for the first time since her brutal attack by Tulsa Police Department officer Ronni Carrocia.

In the video, officer Carrocia is seen laughing and provoking Paris, who was locked in a bathroom and suffering from a manic episode. EMSA medics confirmed that Paris was suffering from a manic episode.

Prior to LaDonna Paris’ mental health attack, she had never been in trouble with the law and continues to be described as an outstanding citizen, according to the community and members of her church. 

During the press conference, some of Ladonna Paris’ first words were: 

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9 replies on “70-year-old police victim speaks out since taunting and brutal attack”

  1. So not being treated like a human being is in line with department policies. Got it ????

  2. Brutal my ass lol. You people are hilarious. She threatened thr cops. She’s lucky she didn’t get her ass beat.

    1. Can’t expect empathy from people most likely whose dad didn’t came back after leaving for a pack of cigarettes.

  3. Dingus, your Mama obviously has to experience the exact same encounter with “Lawless Carrioce” for you to understand the magnitude of a corrupt individual, from the inside out, for you to have any understanding of police brutality. But this would only apply to “your own people” and not the rest of the world. Only God knows why you’re taking up space.

  4. Madara, or perhaps Dingus was
    made in a Petri dish ????. Are you feeling the burn yet, Dingus? Name suits you.

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