Muslim community fundraising for Buffalo shooting victims
People march to the scene of a shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., Sunday, May 15, 2022. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Days after a white supremacist massacred 10 Black people at Tops Friendly Market in New York, the nearby Muslim community has jumped into action, launching a fundraiser for the victims of the Buffalo shooting.

Motivated by a right-wing conspiracy known as “White Replacement Theory,” which brainwashes disillusioned Whites to believe their very lives are under attack by Blacks, Jews and immigrants, 18-year old Payton Gendron traveled hundreds of miles to target the Black community of Buffalo, killing 10 innocent lives and live-streaming the attack on Twitch.

Gendron was apprehended by police without suffering a scratch as Buffalo shooting victims lay dead on the ground.

Meanwhile, Muslim residents who also call the community home have begun raising funds for the families of the victims. They’ve so far raised more than $18,000 of their $25,000 goal, according to a LaunchGood fundraiser.

Organized by Jamia Masjid of the Muslim Society of Buffalo, the funds will be used for funeral costs, medical expenses, and general support to the families.

“The Muslim Community is heartbroken to hear news of this deadly assault and we are taking action. First and foremost we want to extend our love and support to the victims, and we are seeking to place these funds directly in their hands,” the fundraiser states. 

“The area where the tragedy took place  is a community hub. In addition to the Tops Markets, it is near a Muslim Community Center (Masjid Numan), restaurants, cafes, homes, and the headquarters for the Buffalo Challenger,” the fundraiser added.

Muslim community supporting Buffalo shooting victims

Mothers, fathers, grandparents and beloved community members were among those lost in the white supremacist attack. One of the victims, 72-year-old Katherine Massey, was an active advocate for ending gun violence and helped change laws in the city before she was ultimately gunned down herself.

Her sister, Barbara, described her as “a beautiful soul”.  Kat’s friend, Betty, previously told the local paper “We lost a voice yesterday. We lost a powerful, powerful voice.”

While no amount of money can compensate the loss of cherished life, the Muslim Society of Buffalo seeks to lessen the blow for the families of the Buffalo shooting victims with its fundraiser.

“We are praying for those who have been killed and injured and are extending our hand in support to their loved ones. Join us today by sharing and donating to this effort. All funds raised will go towards direct support of the victims of the attack.” 

To support and share the fundraiser, click here.

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