'We Will Never Forget': Two years since police lynching of George Floyd
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A poem by Kennedy Pounds

It’s been two years.

Two years of unrest and unease.

Two years of grieving and pain.

And even though Derek Chauvin was convicted,

It still does not feel the same.

It does not feel like justice has been served.

It does not feel safe walking down the street, flinching when the sound of police sirens whizz by.

Whenever I visit George Floyd’s memorial, I am instantly transported back to the day that he was killed and reminded of who is responsible for his death.

And I feel angry.

Angry that another Black man was killed for nothing.

Like he was no one, like his life was worth nothing.

It’s been two years and I am still angry.

Every time I turn on the news, I hear about the death of a Black man, whether it was by police, or by members of his own community.

I don’t want my little brother to grow up thinking that his life is dispensable.

That his life does not matter.

But if we are constantly having to operate in a cycle of violence and trauma and death, how do you see past that?

How do you learn to value life?

Because our Black youths need to learn that we matter.

That Our lives matter.

That Black lives matter. 

We should not have to fear that any interaction with a police officer could be our last.

We should never have to fear that driving down the street, or walking into a convenience store could cost us our life.


George Floyd should have never lost his life.

He should have never have had to cry out,“I can’t breathe”

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe”

As he pleaded to the officers

Pleaded to the very officers who swore to protect and serve

And all our community could do was watch as the officer held him down

Forcing his knee into his neck 

Ignoring his last attempts at survival

Until George Floyd lay motionless

Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for 9 and ½ minutes

While the three other officers did nothing to stop him

While my community watched

With tears in our eyes, we watched

As the breath escaped our own bodies, we watched 

We watched as the officers dragged his lifeless, handcuffed body onto a stretcher

We watched because if they could do that to him, they could do that to us

There was no mercy for George Floyd, no hope, no one there to save him

And when George Floyd died, so did my community’s faith in the Minneapolis Police Department

The fact of the matter is that George Floyd is not the only one

He is not the only unarmed Black man that has been murdered by the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department

It’s been two years

And while it seems like many have moved on from the buzz of George Floyd

My community will never forget

We are is still processing and trying to rebuild

The death of George Floyd lit a fire in the city of Minneapolis, setting off waves of protests around the world, against the criminalization of black and brown people by law enforcement

But enough is enough

My community is still grieving and still healing

But we are here and we will not stop fighting until our lives are valued and until justice has been served

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