Hoochie Daddy Summer isn't sitting well with the fake woke people
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“Hoochie Daddy Summer” is in full effect! 

In case you weren’t up on the new trend, #HoochieDaddySummer is the mood for men who will be channeling Tina Turner’s legs, rocking four inch seam shorts (bka hoochie shorts) and giving us much thigh meat during the warm season.

Of course social media got praise, jokes and opinions. Some of the opinions range from body shaming to questioning masculinity.

A lot of women are here for Hoochie Daddy Summer. They’re giving tips to the men on how to proceed accordingly and particularly summoning the ones that regularly participate in leg day at the gym. And the men are complying.

Hell, even my puppy said he’s on board with the trend.

Haters come for Hoochie Daddy Summer

But then there are the hoteps and shamers that retreat from their small-minded world and onto the internet to let us know how they feel about men dressing “gay” or less masculine.

Judgements made about people’s sexuality or levels of “masculinity and femininity” based on how they dress has always annoyed me. Especially coming from Black people that rebuke any form of colonization and westernized socialization but are so blind to their own indoctrination that they can’t even see the contradiction.

I first noticed the outrage when people went in on Lebron James for carrying larger than normal bags that resembled purses and when a few Black male celebrities rocked skirts

Then when actor Lakeith Stanfield did the cover of Replica Man Magazine in lace stockings, people started questioning his sexuality and went back to these conspiracy theories about an agenda to effeminate and turn Black men into “homosexuals”. 

The aforementioned assimilation to “norms”, assumptions about and unwillingness to understand and/or accept human sexuality and identity as a spectrum – or minimally, creativity through fashion –  are limiting and casting shame on people’s freedom of expression. Because who gets to decide what’s masculine or feminine? The person or people who, way back in history, decided men should wear pants and women should wear dresses? Nah.

#HoochieDaddySummer is yet another “thing” that went from a lighthearted trend on social media to a debate to force people back into neat but stifling boxes all in an effort to preserve old-fashioned ideals about identity and representation.

If there’s one thing we should learn in the year 2022 it’s, people want to be free–and they’re  going to do them, unapologetically and regardless of what others think or say. So for anyone in their feelings about that, they should probably catch up with the times and mind the business that pays them.

Let the hoochies during Hoochie Daddy Summer be great.

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