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GREENWOOD, Okla.– As Black Wall Street begins to become Black Tech Street, EVHybridNoire lends a helping hand during Juneteenth Weekend. On Saturday, June 18 EVHybridNoire, the nation’s largest network of diverse electric vehicle(EV) drivers & enthusiasts will be hosting the “Drive The Future Black Wall Street ” event.

The event will see EVs from brands such as Tesla, Ford, General Motors and more brought in as EVHybridNoire will talk to the community about the wonders of switching to electric transportation and clear up misunderstandings about them.

The event will be from 4 p.m. – dusk and will be in the historic Greenwood business district.

“It’s a fun family centered event and we just want folks to come out and learn about electric vehicles.” Co-founder and executive director of EVHybridNoire, Terry Travis told The Black Wall Street Times. 

The electric vehicle has always been part of Black history

According to Travis, as of today there are 88 different EVs that can be purchased in the U.S. Another fact Travis shared is how electric vehicles are not a brand new technology. Back in 1896 the Waverley Electric Car was introduced. He even provided a picture of Madame C.J. Walker, the African American woman who became the first female self-made millionaire in America, driving her EV in 1908. “We’ve been driving electric vehicles for more than a century. It’s just revisiting a technology that’s always been there.” Travis said.

Electric vehicle fans supercharge Greenwood during Juneteenth weekend
Madam C.J. Walker.

If the event turns out to be a success, EVHybridNoire’s next goal will be to implement charging stations for EVs across Greenwood. Travis also talks about how there will be many workforce and economic development opportunities that come along with the implementation of these EVs. “Part of what we want to begin to do is spark the conversations and get the folks in the Greenwood community to understand that there are job opportunities that are going to come with this.” Travis said.

EVHybridNoire has hosted events just like this all across the country in states like Florida, Michigan, Georgia and more. When asked why the company chose Greenwood for its next event Travis responded “ It’s a historic site, and it resonates beyond the parameters of Greenwood. There’s a resurgence and a vibrancy that’s coming with reframing how people think about Greenwood. If we can create an economic infrastructure around clean transportation here, that can reverberate across the country.” 

Kesean Cleveland is an an intern at The Black Wall Street Times. He is a student at Langston University and was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Some of his favorite things include video games, his dog...

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