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With the way America’s been acting, its birthday party – the fourth of July –  needs to be canceled this year. Not that I was celebrating anyway because the closest thing to Independence Day for Black people is Juneteenth. But still, nothing about the current state of these United States resembles freedom.

First of all, the Supreme Court has been showing its entire ass and needs to be put in timeout.

Let’s start with the most obvious reason why–the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Last week, five of the justices (two of which testified that Roe v. Wade was a settled precedent during their confirmation hearings) voted to throw out the landmark ruling, giving prerogative back to the states. 

As expected, it took no time for states with trigger laws to activate abortion bans and contraceptive care restrictions on multiple levels, throwing up a long and fat middle finger to women seeking options that could mean life or death

Then immediately after throwing a gut punch at women’s health, they ruled that it was ok for a high school football coach to pray on the field after games

And it’s not as simple as a man who wanted to silently pray to himself after games. Players on the team did it with him, one saying they feared retaliation if they didn’t or felt forced to do so, despite the fact that they were atheist. 

Supreme Court rulings make 4th of July not worth celebrating

While SCOTUS calls itself protecting the coach’s First Amendment rights, what about those of the students? And what does this mean for the future of religious “freedom”?

In both these cases, the separation of church and state has just been thrown completely out the window. These SCOTUS decisions aren’t being driven by legal impartiality. It’s national, judicial indoctrination of conservative values and morals, specifically led by religious ideologies. That’s not independence.

And finally, they just made a decision to reduce tribal authority in Oklahoma, allowing the state to handle certain crimes on Native American land. 

One, we know Oklahoma can’t do nothing right. With its historic mistreatment of Black Oklahomans, how can we expect them to administer justice to another group that’s been brutalized and marginalized since Columbus ravaged their land?

And second, it seems like SCOTUS just said, “F*ck it, let the states do our job”. 

If the highest court in the land isn’t protecting the rights of the greater good, how is this the land of the free? What’s the point of the 4th of July?

Republicans are anti-freedom

Also, Republicans need to go right behind SCOTUS into timeout. As a matter of fact, just send them into exile. They don’t need to celebrate the 4th of July any more than the rest of us.

They have proven to be anti-freedom in their support of reversing Roe v. Wade. Attempts to ban Black and LGBTQ+ history in classrooms have become campaign soapboxes to combat a “woke agenda”. Their unwillingness to shield schools from mass shootings through meaningful reform and allegiance to Donald Trump in playing dumb about the January 6th Insurrection show that they’re willing to turn a blind eye to homegrown terrorism and white supremacy. 

What kind of independence do we have if we’re held hostage by privilege, racism, failed policies, inaction and lack of empathy? 

And speaking of inaction, Democrats should be embarrassed to come to the party because they keep getting beat down by Republicans. 

Real talk, Dems are losing ground with the Black, Latino and Asian communities who make up a large portion of their voting base. The economy is in shambles under this blue administration and Republicans take every chance they get to attack and out-message them while charging up a growing conservative base. 

The party of the 99 percenters is getting its ass whooped and we, the people, are watching and wondering if it’ll ever fight back. 

Instead of the United States of America, this is officially the “Disgraced” States of America.

As of July 2022, women are gradually losing rights to govern our bodies, and many citizens can’t feed their families because job wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. 

We rank number one in the world for mass shootings.

We have billions for Ukraine, but Joe Biden is begging Congress for a gas tax holiday to stop the hemorrhaging at the pumps.

White supremacists are running the streets and statehouses committing physical and political hate crimes. 

So what’s there to celebrate? Just throw the whole holiday away because there’s absolutely no semblance of freedom.

Tanesha Peeples is driven by one question in her work--"If not me then who?" As a strategist and injustice interrupter, Tanesha merges the worlds of communications and grassroots activism to push for radical...

6 replies on “The United States doesn’t deserve to celebrate 4th of July this year”

  1. It’s easy to sit around criticizing and complaining about the decisions of others when you aren’t responsible for the outcomes and provide no reasonable, well thought out alternative solutions of your own.

    This article is the political equivalent of “armchair quarterbacking”(i.e., a waste of time).

    If you hate the this country and everything it’s about, then why are you here?

  2. Lol this bitch literally put in her own sub 10 like tweets as if anyone cares.

    An article for your empty ass Twitter lol

  3. Wow, you can tell the troll army jumped right on this one. I will celebrate people like the author (Tanesha Peeples) who actually do care about freedom for everyone, and actually do care about seeing the country have some worthwhile things happen for a change instead of the nonsense that has been happening. And I want to be part of the country that contributes to these positive things that you speak of, and not the negative stuff you mention and some of the other commenters are apparently clinging to.

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